F1 Silver



**Available Kittens**

References available upon request!!

F2 Silver Girl - Frost


SOLD: F2 Silver Girl - Astria - $8,000

First out of the birthing box and a climber!  She wants to be in your lap, be perched on your shoulder, or sitting on your foot.  She is not ever far away. 

F1 Girl - Kasena  - DOB: March 6th, 2023

Starfell Raven X Starfell Jorvis - DOB: March 5th, 2023

 F1 Sadies Sindyr X Starfell Jorvis - DOB: March 2nd, 2023

F2 Savannah kitten

SOLD: F2 Silver Boy - Lyrus - $8,000

Bold and adventurous.  Loves to play and purrs!!  Very much a Momma boy. 


SOLD: F1 girl - Kasena - $13,500

The puffy serval nose, the big black spots and the burnished gold color make this girl absolutely gorgeous.  Even better though, is the loving personality.  Karena is extremely sweet and a loving girl.  She is easily startled in the beginning. But once she warms up, her poffy, puffy tail and goofy antics can melt your heart.

F1 Karena


F1 Starfell Myr X SBT Phatzcat Canon

F2 - DOB: July 18th, 2023

F2 Drisk


SOLD: F2B Male - Drisk 

Drisk is our bold one.  Can barely see and he is following us around.  Every object is a toy and every person is a friend!

AVAILABLE: F2B Male - Tavo - $6,500

Tavo is a sweet as they come. Oddly calm for an early generation.  He purrs constantly!!!  And follows us everywhere!! Would do well with a family with children. 

SOLD: F2B Female - Tarsha 

Tarsha is our shy one.  But she is also the first kitten to purr and the first to love to be petted.  She has her Mommy's beautiful coloring. She a feisty girl holding her own against her brothers!

All kittens come with two sets of vaccinations, spay (female), microchip, health guarantee, TICA paperwork and of course, breeder support for life.

Kittens are hand-carried in flight to the airport of your designation.

Parents are more then welcome to come pick up their new baby themselves and meet the parents.  This also allows a first-hand look at the optimal living conditions........I believe my Savannahs live better then I do...LOL

As a Savannah breeder of over ten years, I understand the scammers are everywhere!!!  To help mitigate any fears, many references are available. Upon request, testing is also available.  Such as PCR Respiratory and Fecal from Idexx Laboratories.  Genetic testing from UCDavis.  And in-house Veterinary fecal and SNAP testing.