Gallery of Past Kittens, Moms, and Dads

F2 Sebastian - Owned by Brenda

F2 Hail - Owned by Andrew

F2's Mackenzie and Brianna

- Owned by Beverly

F2 Phoenix - Owned by Will & Lauren

F2 Arcturus - Heartbreakingly passed

F2 Dustin - Owned by Brenda

F2 Journey - Owned by Chris and Sarah

F2 Tut - Owned by Julian

F2 Ariel - Owned by Heather of

St. Louis Savannahs

F2 Casey - Owned by Carl

F2 Miphas Grace - Owned by Helen of

Treehouse Savannahs

F2 Aspen - Owned by Beth

F1 Sadie's Sindyr and F2 Groucho

F2 Starfell Riven

F2 Starfell Whisper

F1 Afrikhan Rain - Loving her snow 

F2 Arya (aka Bug) - Owned by Stephanie

SBT Tyr - Owned by Doug

F2 Button - Owned by Dave

F1 Saria - One of my retired Queens

F2 Ranger - Owned by Todd

F2 Obie - Owned by Mary Anne

F1 Sindyr, F2 Shimmer, F3 Loki

F1 Myst and Babies

F2 Casey - Owned by Carl

F2 Riven and Morgan

F1 Rain and her son F2 Hail

F2 - Ra, Paige, and Bria

Owned by Julian and Bev

F2 Shimmer

Serval Drizzit and Arista

F2 Arista is owned by Jessica

F2 Aspen - Owned by Carl

F1 Ember and Jake 

My F1 imprint Myst

F1 Rain and her babies.

She is smiling!

F2 Melanistic Pitch showing off

his spots

SOLD - F2's Corvus and Fenrir

Owned by Will

SOLD - F2's Bria, Ra, and Paige

Owned by Julian and Bev

SOLD - F2's Arial, Arya, Hail, Tole, and Whisper

Owned by Stephanie, Heather, and Andrew

SOLD - F2 Ronin - Owned by Keri

SOLD - F2 Bear - Owned by Ben

SOLD - F2 Dakhari - Has his own Instagram!

SOLD - F2 River  - Owned by Laurie

SOLD - F2 Shimmer

F2 Groucho

SOLD - SBT's Alyn, Rowan, Jad, Mair and Jorvis

SOLD - F2 Zenra, Quinn, and Shade

Owned by Stephanie and Colleen

SOLD - F3 Lola - Owned by Heather

SOLD - F2 Bubbles - Owned by Aimee

SOLD - F2 Rascal

SOLD - F2 Thor

Drizzit Do'Urden & Guenhywvar's F1 litter

SOLD - F1 Zuri

SOLD - F1 Soleil

SOLD - F1 Minx

Up and coming breeder for Starfell Savannahs

Precious Myr

SOLD - F3 Wonder

SOLD - F2 Tiana 

SOLD - F2 Serene

SOLD - F2 Omni

SOLD - F2 Kismit

SOLD - F1 Glimmer

SOLD - F1 Caser

SOLD - F1 Mazie - Owned by Scott of DixieDots Savannahs 

Drizzit and his Alustriel

SOLD - F2 Ren

SOLD - F2 Getti

SOLD - F2 Zahari

SOLD - F1 Tagger


SOLD - F2 Roman

SOLD - F1 Tenn

See her on Instagram!!

Guenhywvar's F1 Litter

SOLD - F1 Kashmir

Owned by Landon of Sundaze Savannahs

SOLD - F1 Raven

SOLD - F1 Ava

SOLD - F3 Talon

SOLD - F3 

SOLD - F3 Rayla

Owned by Pam of Closduchat Savannahs

SOLD - F1 silver Duma and Storm

SOLD - F2 silver Radar and Freya

SOLD -SBT Cinnamon Marble  - Talon

SOLD -SBT Dark Mable

SOLD - F2 female Callie